Auction your loot. Buy better gear.


What is this?

Auctionrs are Auction-House web-apps for tradable items from video games. Each Auctionr hosts the items and auctions for one game, with Diablo 3 being the first Auctionr available.

Auctionrs are built to facilitate the trades that take place between players outside the game by providing an Auction House infrastructure.



Because finding the perfect item is hard and trading channels/forums are just not good enough.

Furthermore, Auctionrs work on any device that can run a browser and offers cool tools like saving search filters so that you can search for the items that interest you quickly and efficiently.


Why you might like the Diablo 3 Auctionr:

  • There is no bidding cap.
  • No Transaction fees either.
  • Search freedom:
    • You can search for any combination of attributes.
    • You can search for legendary item attributes.
  • You can Auction unidentified items.
  • You can save your own search filters.
  • With D3bit, you can automatically upload items to your Auctionrs account.
  • With D3up, you can simulate items on your character right from the Auctionr Auction House.

How does it work?

You create a representation of your item on Auctionrs's server. Then, you auction your item in the site and you receive the winner's in-game contact information. You can then meet the other player in-game and make the trade.


Is it safe?

Yes. But it is up to you.

Since the final trade takes place in-game, it will be 100% safe as long as you make sure that the trade is as agreed and you use the in-game trade window.


Great! Can I use it for all the games that I play?

"Normally, but today the van broke down."

For now, is in beta-stage and only the Diablo 3 Auctionr is available. Click here if you want to browse the Auctionr, otherwise, if you are ready to get started: